Actionboy's house

Actionboy (actionboy10) has been apart of Warbears since 8th of July 2007.


In the past, Actionboy was an amatuer comic maker. Most of his comics consisted of poor editing due to only using MSPaint, but his humour has been compared to the late Robin Williams, and been awarded several times for "Comic Of The Month".

Actionboy was one of the first users to complete the Secret Location, as well as being one of the few to have all award points.

He has won BTC's Top Model competition 3 years in a row now, from 2009-2011, before the website went dark. Some of his characteristics consist of always having a Warbeer, witty sense of humour, and a large hamster at home.

On one occasion back in 2007, Actionboy was banned for 30 days for deliberately posting answers to the Secret Location on the forums knowing it was against the rules. That day is now referred to as "Black Wednesday". There still has never been such a heinous crime committed in all of Warbears history, and users still frequently talk about it.

In the following years up until 2011, he has received 8 warnings for 'False reporting', one warning for 'Disrespecting the mods', and one for 'Inappropriate behavior' for saying the word 'gay'. But on the other side, he has been hailed as a role-model citizen for BTC, with Gionatan Iasio describing him as a "Community Asset" who "Pushes the boundaries of the rules, helping us prevent similar incidents in the future".

Actionboy currently lives in Yellow Disctrict A. His outfit is a black suit with black pants. He is also a former top 10 poster on the forums at 5th with 2950 posts. He has six trophies and has not gotten CotD yet.


Mission 1 (1650/1850)

Warbears Daily Visits (700+)

Mission 2 (3000/3000)

Secret Location Awards (10/10)

Mission 3 ( 2050/3000)

Adventure 1: An A.R Christmas (200/200)