Beach 1
A beach on the shores of Bedtime City. It is one of Bedtime Citys newest locations.


Beach 2

Grassy HillEdit

At the entrance to the Beach is a grassy area with a wooden ramp leading down to the actual beach. Two tree stumps can be used as seats, and there is a game of Battleship.


Two more Battleship tables can be found on the sand. There are four chaise longue style chairs to lay back on, and four deep holes by the water side you can sit into.


There is a small hut at the back of the beach, with five comfortable blue chairs and a pair of refridgerators that serve ice cream for one credit. Outside is a wooden bin for disposing of garbage.


The Beach is currently the only public location not to feature an NPC.

Because of it's far off location at the bottom of the map it is one of the least popular location, but people are known to sometimes throw beach parties.


  • The actual location seems quite different on the map than inside, the hut and wooden ramp are not visible from the map and shape of the waterline doesn't seem to match up.