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Bedtime City is currently offline.

Bedtime City (or BTC) is a MMO game in Warbears, where you can
Bedtime City

The view of Bedtime City

chat with other people around the globe and buy things with virtual money called credits within the world in the cool MMO game. You can earn money by playing with friends or by logging into the site or by playing games or by playing secret games. You need to register to go in Bedtime City. You need Adobe Flash Version 9 to go in too. And you need hands to write some commends or comments.

Steps in entering Bedtime City for the First TimeEdit

Before you can go in for the first time, you need to customize your character. You can't change your looks (except the clothes and pants by purchasing them with credits in a store), so your facial face color and gender after you've customized your character unless you reset your profile (which is currently not possible).

Then, you must read the guide and the laws on the left side of the window to get you prepared. You must read it with your eyes. And you must comprehend the signals with your brain. It's effective when you're communicating with other people in Bedtime City. You must be nice to people. You shouldn't insult anyone. You must be helpful. You must be friendly and helpful. You shouldnt make fun of anyone. Especially to mods or god. Or to Iohji. This is effective when you want to make friends. In Bedtime City. Don't say you are holier than others. Because you are not. And you would spreading lies. So you shouldn't be a liar. Unless you mean it in a humours way. Then it's okay. Because you weren't serious. And that wouldn't make you a liar. So be nice and gentle and friendly and helpful and don't be a liar and not nice, not gentle. That's not cool.

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