Park 1
Feather Park is a public park in Bedtime City opposite the Bank. It is easily found on the map by it's lush green plantlife.


Park 2
The park is surrounded by wrought iron fencing with a single entrance going in, with a pathway splitting the park into two halves.

Right SideEdit

On the right side of the park you can find a number of benches which allow up to seven people to sit at a time. One of Bedtime Citys most famous landmakrs, a large metal statue of a feather, is displayed prominently in the fountain between the benches. A smaller drinking fountain can also be found near the end of the path. There is a small wooden platform near the centre which is often used by citizens making announcements or putting on performances.

Left SideEdit

The left side of the park boasts two different mini games each with two available tables, Tic Tac Toe and Connect 4 each with nearby instructions for players unfamiliar with the games. At the very end of the pathway is a bush where purple and red flowers are grown, which citizens can take. Nearby is a sign written by the Mayor:

"What a nice and sunny day! Oh, I mean... Please don't pickup flowers from the bush. And if you really must, please put them back when you're done with them!

Say what? You've got something important to share? Well then why not not using the chatterbox over there?


The Mayor"


Jebediah Tom Giffuri, better known simply as "The Old Man" or "Grandpa" can be found here.

Because of it's high room capacity, free flowers, and many minigames the park is often considered the second most popular location by Bedtime City citizens.


  • The parks map image depicts it surrounded by trees, however the actual location only has two.
  • The park has been the focus of several "environmental" forum campaigns encourgaging users to turn off water foutains and not throw litter in the bushes.
  • It is said that the feather statue was originally much taller, but was destroyed and replaced under unknown circumstances.
  • The original park was quite different from it's current version, there was no connect four games, two water fountains, two seperate paths and another bush featuring some white flowers. Flowers could not be taken at the time.