The Guest House is a former public location in Bedtime City, however it was removed during the update that introduced the Lava Lounge and Beach.



The Guest House was one large room with a luxiourious design, featuring a large rug inscribed with the words words "GUEST HOUSE", a pair of small potted plants on the tables and four fancy stools.


The Guest House was unique in that it allowed access to people who had not signed up to allowing them to play as generic "Guest" characters and interact with existing citizens.


Although it was created with the best intentions in mind, it soon became apparent that many of the guests were abusing their position of being unreportable for excessive rule breaking. It is believed that many citizens, both banned and exisiting, were some of those involved in this

Because of this the location was eventually removed along with the guest function.


  • Since it's removal some citizens have petitioned for its return (With or without the guests) however at this time it seems unlikely.