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Gionatan Iasio, better known by his in-game name Ioji Desu, is the creator and lead developer of Warbears. He is also the Administrator of the Warbears website and forum.

Real Life Edit

"Creator of Warbears.
Warbears character design, story, main theme, Flash games, Web Design, Java server development and almost everything else you can see on this site."
Gionatan is a game developer from the Italian city of Como. In 2005 he released the first Warbear's game and in 2007 launched the Warbears website including its multiplayer component Bedtime City.

Currently he is working on a new top secret game project but intends to return to Warbears and BTC at a future time.

In Games and Bedtime City Edit


Ioji Bear

In the Warbears game series Gionatan is represented by a polar bear wearing dark blue pants and a blue shirt with dark sleeves who appears on the games loading screens and main menus. As he never appears in any actual game scenes the Ioji Bear's existence is believed to be non-canonical to the storyline. It also appears in certain areas of the website.

In Bedtime City Gionatan's account is named Ioji Desu, using a surname that is unavailable to all others users. Though he is rarely seen in BTC he is easily recognizable by his unique shirt featuring a large red dot resembling the Japanese flag.

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