Personality Edit

Jonpatrick first appears as a king, smart boy from a messy house. Though sometimes shy, he makes friends without much difficulty and treats others gently and with respect.

He is known as the president of Darkcorp and that he had a fan at one point of his life, which made him wonder, why wasn't he a purple cat with sunglasses?


"o_o Who is this man I could swear I've seen this exact same elderly gentlemen dressed as a japanese school girl before"

"Zane, Pepper... I just can't be the third wheel in your relationship anymore"

"I am a little cupcake up I go,I am a little cookie hear me roar.Meow!"

"It's cool Zick, it'll give me a chance to get the ol' creative juices flowing... no, Pepper stop thinking that."


  • He is known to be a genius business man, having run his original company F.U.D.G.E (Fuck Ur Dodging Gravy Elephants) until being bought out by Darkcore Corp. which he eventually rose to become President of. 
  • He likes apples