Lava Lounge 2
The Lava Lounge is a volcano themed club in Bedtime City, and one of the newest public locations. The interior wall design resembles layers of volcanic rock, and an orange lava like substance can be seen leaking through some of the walls, bubbling beneath glass panels and splattered on the roofs of the club and surrounding buildings


Lava Lounge 1

Dance FloorEdit

The clubs main attraction is it's large light up dance floor. The tiles are pressure activated lighting up when anyone steps on them. A pair of bean bag seats can be found near the back of the room.

Lower BalconeyEdit

A small balconey can be found up the ramp just by the entrance, there are five more bean bag seats and three dance floor tiles. The clubs signature drink "The Lava Cocktail" can be purchased for one credit from the counter from Lucy Bawa. Behind her is a large bubbling lava lamp.

Upper BalconeyEdit

At the back of the room is a ramp leading up to a small balconey at the top of the club that goes behind and around the lava lamp.


Unlike the Bar the Lava Lounge currently has an employee serving drinks at the counter, Lucy Bawa.

Though the Lava Lounge is one of the less popular locations, it is known on occasion to host large dance parties.


  • Relaxing music plays in the background while in the Lava Lounge. Is it currently the only location to feature music.
  • There is a popular glitch involving the dance floor, walking back and forth in straight lines along the floor and then taking two steps off will cause your character to radiate a glowing aura. The more straight lines walked, the stronger the glow will be.