A code within the gay community. The warbears aren't bound to the law.

The laws, in order from one to seven, are:

  1. No swearing: While what is considered swearing is debatable, most curses are somehow, magically blocked. If a citizen find a way to bypass this magic filter, it still is swearing.
  2. No inappropriate themes: All discussions inclined on religion-bashing themes are prohibited.
  3. Respect people: Citizens must not be bashed for their identity, religion, or ideologies.
  4. No spamming: Public disturbances by shouting or repeating the same words is strictly forbidden. Forbidden. Forbidden!
  5. Respect the police: Citizens must acknowledge all forms of authority are superior, and must be respected.
  6. No multiple accounts: We are unsure what "accounts" are, but citizens must not live under a second identity.
  7. No Impersonation: Citizens that pretend to be someone else, representative of the law or not, or steal someones identity, will suffer the consequences.

Breaking of the law may result in several consequences, ranging from a friendly warning to a permanent ban from the city grounds.