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Warbears is a community site created by an Italian game developer Gionatan Iasio. The name itself came from the name of a team who helps citizens in trouble in the missions. It was being tested in 2005 and released to public on December 2006. He was helped by other 4 people, Paul Collins, Luca Naldini, Filipe Ferreira and Enrico Gaffuri. There is currently 130000 registered users

The website is divided into four main areas:

  • Bedtime City - An MMO game where you can chat, buy things with virtual money and play.
  • Missions - Where you can play games like missions, adventures and puzzles.
  • Garage - The place where you can buy merchandisers.
  • Forum - All the information you want to know and discuss a particular topic.

Ages: Edit

The Golden Age (2007-2008)

In this time, Warbears is increasingly popular in the whole world. There are constant updates and new missions to keep the community happy and like Warbears. Everything seemed very good in The Golden Age.

The Warbears Crisis (2009-now)

Warbears starting to lose popularity and old members are leaving and its average citizens coming to Warbears reduced to at least 20 - 100. There were no new games and no updates since then but the layout of the website changed at 28 August 2011. The Warbears Crisis might be over as Gionatan had news that the website will be update and a new mission soon enough.


Warbears © 2005-2011 Gionatan Iasio, Warbears Ltd


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