MISSION 01 The Bank Robbery

Location: Bedtime City's Bank

The evil groundhogs are robbing the bank! But what do these evil creatures need the money for? They must be into something conspiratorial! Join the Warbears in their first documented mission ever!


The terrorist cell known as the Groundhogs attempted to rob the Bedtime City Bank, holding it's employees hostage and breaking into the high security vault. After a failed plan of doing nothing, the BTCPD contacted special operations team the Warbears to save the hostages and eliminate the Groundhogs. Agents Kla and Lucas arrived in the Warvan from the West, while Agent Ryoh dropped parachuted in from the air. Due to a mistake in communication Agent Steve attempted to reach the location by boat. Working as a team, they infiltrated the bank and neutralized the Groundhogs one by one. Steve soon arrived via a pizza scooter that was on route to the Bank. The Warbears continued to move forward, freeing the hostages and eliminating the last of the Groundhogs on the upper levels. Steve and Lucas then moved into the vault using the scooter, and chased the Groundhog Commander in his Giant Drill through an underground tunnel. They soon eliminated the threat, deactivated the Drill and returned the money to the bank.

Some time later the Mayor awarded the Warbears for their bravery , at the same time Steve was attacked by the Pizza Delivery Union.

Damage ReportEdit

  • The supports of bank signs were damaged, the ones of the east side were sliced through, the ones of the west side were bent forwards.
  • The bathrooms hot tap was broken off, water has since been running from the taps.
  • The aerial was sliced in half, and the antenna broke off and crashed to the ground.
  • A chair was found broken at the bottom of the elevator shaft.
  • The bathrooms electric window short circuited.
  • Windows on the east side were smashed.
  • The lock to the photocopy room was shot off.
  • A large hole was left in one of the doors on the second floor.
  • Sword marks were left in the third floors reinforced windows.
  • The lock to the central computers power supply was cut off.
  • The bathroom floor collapsed, and the nearly wall was left cracked.
  • The vault elevators cables snapped.
  • The vaults glass door was smashed.
  • A massive hole leading to underground tunnels was left in the vault floor.


  • Mission one can be played in English, Italian and Japanese.
  • It is the only mission which features bonuses.
  • Because Ioji is no longer updating older missions some glitches still remain, for example the animation of one of theGroundhogs drills will sometimes appear to be two drills and then fuse back into one.