A Moderator is a citizen chosen by Ioji and the other mods to help keep a safe and friendly environment by enforcing the rules and dealing with unruly citizens. They are hand picked as the most activate, well mannered, responsible and productive citizens. They have a special forum that is not available to regular citizens where they can discuss official business.

Becoming a ModeratorEdit

Note: New moderators are rarely selected, and are often picked from members with years of experience. For these reasons trying to become a moderator should be considered a very long term goal.

To be selected as a moderator one must show good behaviour, be a frequent user of both Bedtime City and the forums, be respectful to others and be very active on the website.


  • Kick citizens from any public location.
  • Ban citizens from the website.
  • Read others whispers.
  • Visit locations as "ghosts" able to watch over others without being seen.
  • Delete and edit others posts.
  • Lock and delete topics.
  • Post new topics on Forum Games and Announcements.

List of ModeratorsEdit



  • Jeff Burritos (applepie24)
  • Chase Smith (Locker)
  • Macncheez House (macncheezybear)
  • Eamonn Carpenter (IMNN)
  • Benjamin Burritos (benjamin)
  • Mochi Totoro (mochi)
  • Rowena Svoltaire (rosiehill)


  • Oddeh Burritos (Oddeh)
  • Sword Smith (AShinySword)
  • Dan Smith (Dynos)
  • Colin Anderson (ThatGuy)
  • Mandy Mazinga (Mandy)