News!11 is a small kiosk at the side of one of Bedtime Citys roads near the Warbears Headquarters. It is run by Chris, the brother of Bob. Here you can buy magazines (More commonly referred to as comics).


There are currently 12 magazines which can be purchased at News!11. All comics sell for the price of 5 credits.

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The Night Before Christmas (Only available during Christmas)


  • All of the magazines available for purpose were made by Pip Panzerotten and Donny Lebwoski, former official comic makers on the forums. It is said that each time one of their comics is bought they would recieve a small amount of credits.
  • Both of the above comic makers have since left, and no further magazines have been released since.
  • Bought magazines are stored in the "Books & Magazines" section of My Things, suggesting that in the future News!11 may sell books or a book store will be opened.