Official Comic Makers are comic makers who possess high levels of humour and editing skills, and thus are given the right to post their comics in the Comics section of the forums rather than the General Comics Discussion Thread.

Becoming an Official Comic MakerEdit

Official Comic Makers are chosen by the Moderators. Skills needed to stand out in comic making include being funny, good editing skills, and releasing comics on a frequent basis. If you manage to build up a good fanbase from unofficial comics there is a chance that in future you may be selected to become official.

Official Comic Makers and series Edit


  • Ninjabear Simpson (ninja-bear) : Ninjabear's Comics


  • Hans Giffuri (Wolfe) : Bedtime City Zone.
  • Mandy Mazinga (Mandy) : The Adventures of Warbears.
  • Marballz Risotto (marballz) : Ruins of Bedtime.
  • Robin Risotto (waarde2) : Robin Comics.
  • Donny Lebowski (Ash10101994) : Adventures in BTC.
  • Pip Panzerotten (odesyee) : Bedtime City Spins.
  • Bjorn Harlan (TheTsar) : Pixel Perfect Productions.
  • Frankengoober Simpson (frankengoober) : Frank, Noob Nation.
  • Simon Brancacane (Simon_R_B) : The Adventures of Simon Brancacane.
  • Warts Smith (warts360) : The Crazy Wart

Bedtime City Ruins Collaboration ProjectEdit

  • Benjamin Burritos (Benjamin)
  • Grizzly Simpson (GrizzlyWarBear)
  • Marballz Risotto (marballz)
  • Mochi Totoro (mochi)

Magazines Edit

Two official comic series were adapted into purchasable magazines in Bedtime City. Both can be bought for 5 credits at News!11.

  • Pip Panzerotten (odesyee) : Bedtime City Spins
  • Donny Lebowski (Ash10101994) : Adventures in BTC


  • Myroc Anderson (Ostmannen) was also announced as an official comic maker, but due to being inactive at the time he does not hold the title of official comic maker.