Quizaboom is a public location in Bedtime City where you can participate in a number of games to earn daily credits.

The building is divided into 3 other small rooms which are Quiz, Safe and Word.


Quizaboom 4
Quizaboom 5
Quizaboom 6
Quizaboom 7


The building exterior is alonside a road, and has the name Quizaboom in flashing neon letters on the walls. Through a set of glass doors are three colour coded paths each leading into one of the game rooms. Mr. Quizo stand on a small platform inside.

Quiz RoomEdit

The blue path leads to the Quiz Room which is the most popular room by far. It has eight podiums.

Safe RoomEdit

The yellow path leads to the Safe Room. It has four podiums.

Words RoomEdit

The green path leads to the Word Room. It has four podiums

How to playEdit


"Guess the answer to gain points! Step on the podium to start playing!" There are 8 podiums in The Quiz Room. You can sit in any podium. To play, you need 2 - 8 people. Firstly, she will give you the subject or category such as Video Games, Geography, etc. Then, she'll give you the question. Answer it without saying anything else. Example: "Elvis Presley", not "The answer is Elvis Presley.".


"Guess the combination to the safe! Step on the podium to start playing!"


"Guess the word and gain points! When it's your turn you can: - guess a letter, if you're correct the letter will appear - guess the WHOLE word, and you'll get points! First to 10 wins! Step on the podium to start playing!


Quizaboom is cared for and operated by it's creator, Mr. Quizo who can be found at the entrance watching over the entering players.

Each game is run by a Quizbot who gives questions and clues to the players, Quiz Room has Quizbot Emily, Safe Room has Quizbot Mary and Word Room has Quizbot Lucy.

Because of the large amount of credits obtainable daily from the Quizaboom games there is usually a reasonable amount of players around, and a very usual crowd of experienced players often plays for points in the charts.


  • In the earliest version of Quizaboom only the Quiz Room existed, and was personally hosted by Mr. Quizo.
  • In the older versions of the Quiz Room it was not necessary to stand on the podiums to play, instead you had to say Quizaboom. Saying Quizastop would cause you to quit the game.
  • There were no podiums in the original Safe room, entering the numbers was done by typing them.
  • Strangely the coloured paths for the Safe room and the Word room are infact opposite to their rooms colour.
  • One of the signs in the back of the Quiz room is blank.