Screenshot 9

Squirrel chilling in the bar ;)

Squirrel Anderson is a cool new guy that joined our beloved community on the 13 Dec 2011, he enjoys making comics and taking care of his nuts. He as also started wearing a tin-foil hat in case aliens or his Projects read his mind.


"I still got my nut case."

"I can show you my nut collection."

"Dude! Where's your tin-foil hat?"


Squirrel was a simple lab worker happy with his job because he always knew that he's saving lives with his work,till one day the poor guy got...

He was doing lab procedures on a normal squirrel, but a accident formed their DNa, giving him a craving for nuts. He was the head of (spoiler alert!) The Warbears Project, Groundhog Project, The Fish Project and the Bartender Project. He was based at the Secret Location and ran away on the 13 Dec 2011 when the Bartender attacked him with his plant powers.

He is still being interviewed about his history....