The bar is located southwest of the red district. It is easily identified on the map by the large beer bottle shape on the roof. The burgundy red walls and purple plastic flooring is reminiscent of the eighties style English pubs, or Moe's tavern. The floors are covered in a number of strange stains with unknown origins, aswell as a chalk outlining of a body.


Ground FloorEdit

Bar interior
The main area of the bar where seating can be found, seven barstools surrounding the counter and a large couch against the back wall. There is currently no bartender employed, warbeer can instead be purchased from one of the two self service fridges for the price of one credit. Seemingly bottomless bins can be found at either end of the couch to dispose of empty bottles.


Upstairs is the second floor balconey that overlooks the ground floor. It's main attraction is a pair of playable dart boards that support upto three players. The upper right corner is sometimes referred to as "the emo corner" due to it's small cut off area.


Gary the police officer can always be found at the bar, standing by the chalk outline drawn with his "mad drawing skills", though nobody actually died.

A bartender was formerly employed there but recently disappeared. Following the cops advice can set citizens along his trail.

The bar is quite possibly the most popular location in Bedtime City likely due to it's easily accessable location on the map. It is often full of players, and has known to push it's location number up to at least Bar 4. People are sometimes known to roleplay as bartenders by standing behind the counter and giving beers to other players.

Because of it's popularity many citizens often claim spots in the bar as their own. For example, the corner at the top of the stairs is usually occupied by Ellie Cola.


  • The original bar before the big update only had one floor, and the back wall was clear of obstruction. A group known as "The Wall Gang" would often gather there.
  • The original bar also lacked an entrance behind the counter and warbeer was not obtainable. Many people roleplayed as bartender still however despite this.