The Translators Team is an official Warbears team. Their job is to translate the Warbears missions to their native languages, so that more people can enjoy the games.

The games that are being translated are Mission 2, Mission 3 and Adventure 1.

Becoming a TranslatorEdit

Note: This team is currently not recruiting as no translations are being added at this time.

To join the translators team one must post in the Warbears Translation thread and post proof of their ability to translate between english and another language.



Translators: John Smith, Niall Calothycos

Released games: Mission 2, Adventure 1


Translators: Chase Smith

Released games: Mission 2, Adventure 1


Translators: Sobchak Lebowski

Released games: Mission 2


Translators: Simon Brancacane, Johan Simpson, Pete Totoro

Released games: Mission 2, Adventure 1