The Warbears are a specialy trained team of agents who protect Bedtime City against threats.

Team MembersEdit

The CommanderEdit

The team leader who commands the groups operation from their headquarters.


Demolitions Expert


Master Swordsman






A robot designed by Kla.


The Commanders secretary. It is currently unknown if she is a bear or human.


A group of penguins who aid the Warbears in some of their operations.


The Warbears first documented mission occured when a group of Groundhogs took over Bedtime Citys bank holding the employees hostage. Police attempts to do nothing were unsuccessful, so the warbears were sent to infiltrate the building, stop the Groundhogs and free the hostages. For their efforts they were publically honoured by the mayor and chief of police.

After the bank incident the team underwent a training mission in a special facility designed by the Penguins in the nearby mountains. After completeing the course they were informed that another mission had come up, and immediately set out.

On their way to their new mission they were interrupted by the Groundhogs seeking revenge for the bank robbery. Rather than fighting it out however the two teams agreed to participate in a puzzle game to see who was the greatest.

Soon they finally arrived at an oil rig in the Bedtime City ocean, where Fishmen had taken over and once again taken the employees hostage. Though the warbears managed to free the hostages, they were unable to stop the Fishmens plan to activate a machine that would suck all the air from the surface down into the ocean. Their attempt to stop the machine caused it to malfunction, sucking Kla, Lucas and Steve down to below the sea. Ryohs location at the time was unknown.

With all four team members now missing, the Commander plans to mount a rescue with the aid of Elin and the Penguins.


  • Is has been hinted by Dr. Xam that the warbears were human in origin and were altered somehow into becoming polar bears. It is possible a similar process was applied to the Groundhogs, Fishmen and Penguins.
  • Their motto is "We Bring War to The Enemies of Peace"