The Warbears Christmas video was a tradition started by the famous Warbears Music Video (WMV) maker Ellie Cola.

By gathering many members of the community, she was able to create a video where they all sang Christmas themed songs from many popular singers that were edited to make it more closer to the Warbears Bedtime City community.

2012 Video Edit

The first video aired on the 24th of December in 2012. In the following video, the members sang three songs :

" I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" , "Last Christmas" & "Santa Baby".

With a picture provided by the well known artist Pepper Brancance that reminded everyone that angels are actually half bird, half human and have no arms but wings.

The video was a huge hit reaching 275 views. The success of the video, resulted in the popularity of Ellie Cola and brought at the time dying community a breath of fresh air and of course, the holiday spirit.

2013 Video Edit

The second video brought more people wanting to attend the Christmas craze. Unfortunately, Ellie Cola had lost her password for her original channel and was forced to make a new one but that still did not stop the Warbears Christmas video from being uploaded on the 24th of December, 2013.

This time it featured more users who sang three new songs and art work from Zane Lebowski and Labana House. The video was also edited by a friendly Warbears user, Globox Simson. And the Warberised lyrics were made by Leroy Simpson.

The songs that the members sang were :

"Fairytale of New York", "Let it Snow" & " All I Want for Christmas is You".

2014 Video Edit

This year, another Warbears Christmas will soon appear. And interesting news, this year the video will feature music that it didn't all the previous ones before. So make sure to keep an eye on Ellie Cola's youtube channel !