This is the base guide on how to write pages on the Warbears wiki. It is still a draft, and will get improved over time.

A few thinks to keep in mind:

-Copyright: If you take a picture from the warbears website, remember to give ioji the proper credits for it. (you can do so when uploading) His work is copyrighted.

-Grammar/spelling/punctuation: Please write properly, a spell checker might help there. If you're not sure about the quality of an article you have wrote, feel free to ask anyone else for advice, either on an admin's/trusted contributor talk page, or on

V Crucial point! V -Be general: Try not to refer too much to a specific event or mission. The Warbears universe is constantly expanding, and while there isn't much we know about it, it is much, much larger than we think. Abusing references might give a shallow feeling to the world, which we are trying to avoid. Also, remember the world is alive! Bedtime City citizens aren't only accounts, they are real people too! (When we ask you to dulla reference, we want a specific event to be mentioned in a friendlier manner, instead of being referred at as if it was a simple videogame, or internet page. i.e.: "A short chat between the police chief and the Warbears Commander, before a training mission" can be a perfect substitute for "the Mission 2 beginning cutscene")

-Link pages: It helps wrapping all of the wiki together. The more links to an article on the website, the more the article will be seen! Which does not mean you should spam these links everywhere. Try to add them when the word is already in the text. If you think a subject is worth being explained in more details, feel free to link to it, even if the page has not been created yet. Please, only one link by subject by article.