The only availible picture. Supplied by Masked Man.

Zeus Simpson (age 4) is a notable user of BTC's forums who doesn't care for this page nor anything else. Except for this list:
  1. Minecraft
  1. Warbears
  1. Half Life/Portal/TF2
  1. Yogscast
  1. Monty Python


In 2361 BC in Ancient Australia, Zeus Simpson was given birth to in an old tumbled down skyscraper and was ditched 100,000,00,000,000,000,000,000 feet before touching ground in Adelaide in 1998 AD. By then, he had sontaneously combusted 15 times and mistaked for a comet that circeled the Earth every 35 years and was called Haley. He is currently dead and lives in a retirement home for cats. He is the owner of Naked Ninjas Nuclear 'Ndustries.


It's tragic. :(


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